Once upon a time, there were wars and quarrels in the family. What’s the meaning of such a family? The world is so big that there is no place for me to rest! Maybe, maybe, leaving may be the best choice!

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Maybe you need a deep conversation. I have two Suggestions for you.
First, when people are immersed in negative emotions, they are usually unaware of it. You can tell him like “I think you’re very emotionally unstable right now” or “I’m not here to argue with you, let’s talk”.Reminding him makes him aware of his emotions. I think it’s very effective, so you can better controlling the conversation.
Second, you need equal dialogue. Try not to be impatient with each other and aim to solve the problem anyway.

Oh, thank you for your advice! It was a surprise, because I never thought someone would give me advice in such a private space.

First of all, due to various reasons recently, my mood is relatively low. Besides, I want to explain that what bothers me is the endless quarrel between my wife and children.

Let’s calm down. As you said, we need to calm down first, and then have an equal dialogue. Including children, she has her own voice.

I will try my best. Sometimes words are also a way of venting.

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